Online Fax Services – the Complete List in 2017

Ok. You’ve discovered that you can send free fax online and you’ve also learned that there are many service providers such as FaxZero:

– Which website provides the best fax service?
– What are the benefits I can get from these fax service?
– How much do they charge? Is there any catch inside?
– What’s the support they provide? Are they trustworthy?

I know you might be lost in so many fax services there. I have the same feeling when I search “fax services”, or “online fax”. As an extensive fax service user, I reviewed each fax service provider and I learned many tricks inside. Let me share my reviews and help you find the best solution tailed for you.


Services with “pay-as-you-go” pricing

Fax serviceMaximum free fax per dayPricing beyond free tierContains Ads?Go to website
FaxZero5 free faxes (3 pages maximum per fax)$1.99 per fax (25 pages maximum)Ads as cover page in each faxFaxZero
GotFreeFax2 free faxes (3 pages maximum per fax)$0.98 per fax (10 pages maximum)
$1.98 per fax (20 pages)
Ads as cover page in each
BestFreeFax2 free faxes, 14 pages maximumNO ads as cover

Services with “monthly subscription” pricing

Fax ServicePay monthlyPay annuallyFree trial periodPages in the packageOver page extra chargeGet free trial
MetroFax$7.95$79.530 days, 500 pages, credit card required500 pages$0.03 per pageMetroFax
Nextiva$8.95$59.430 days, 500 pages, credit card required500 pages$0.03 per pageNextiva
HelloFax$9.99$99.9930 days, 5 pages, credit card required500 pages$0.99 per faxHelloFax
RingCentral$14.99$155.88No trial found750 pages$0.59 per pageRingCentral

 Other fax service reviews

Adam collected a list of fax services he used before and had some good comments: