FaxZero Review 2017: Free or Expensive?

FaxZero Review 2017: Free or Expensive?

This is my review on FaxZero, a web-based fax sending service. I personally tested the service and did thorough research on full aspects of FaxZero service.

If you are looking for the best fax service and you want to know more about FaxZero. You will LOVE this study. Read more below and find out: are you the suitable user for FaxZero?


You can send fax online easily


Free or pay-as-you-go. It can be cheap or expensive

Ease of Use

Very easy to use


Email support only

What I like:

  • Simple and intuitive interface. 
  • Free tier for low-volume fax requirements.
  • A unique feature to fax your congressman.

What I dislike:

  • Expensive for professional fax users.
  • Cannot receive a fax.
  • No mobile app to use
  • Support is limited


FaxZero is a good self-serve web-based fax service. It's suitable for volume fax users, who fax occasionally and for personal use.

However, FaxZero is expensive for professional users and it lacks advanced features. The support is limited either.

For people not suitable for FaxZero, I recommend other fax services such as MetroFax and HelloFax.

Why you should trust me?

My name is David Young, and I’m an extensive fax service user. Like you, I searched on Google for the best fax service and I tried many ones. It’s not easy as there are hundreds of services out there. What are the catches of them? Which one is good? I had many questions before as well and I decided to share my research findings. I love sharing and I believe it’s fun and helpful to do so.

 The content in the quick summary box above serves as a short version of my opinions about FaxZero. You can also navigate through the table of contents to find more information.

What is FaxZero and who is behind it?

FaxZero is a web-based service to send a fax.

FaxZero was founded by Kevin Savetz in May 2006. Kevin is an interesting guy, he operates over 100 little websites like FaxZero. According to FaxZero, it has handled 16,147,353 faxes since then. 


BBB Profile of Savetz Pub​lishing Inc, the company behind

I guess Kevin is still actively maintaining FaxZero (as one of the hundreds website he has). From FaxZero Twitter and Facebook accounts, we can still see recent updates.

How does FaxZero work?

First, fill out the fax form. Be sure to include your valid email address and type the Confirmation Code. You can also attach files.

Fill out form and send fax

Next, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address. Click the URL inside that message. Your fax won’t be transmitted until you do.


Confirmation email

You’ll receive an e-mail message to let you know when it’s delivered. Or if it can’t be transmitted for some reason, an e-mail message will tell you that.


Deliver message

Is FaxZero really free? How much does it charge if not?

It actually really depends. Here are several typical scenarios based on your sending volume:



Rates for fax within the United States and Canada:
  • It’s free if you have less than 5 faxes to send per day. For each fax, you can include 3 pages at most.

My personal take:

The free service is a good deal for casual fax users. If you just need to fax occasionally for personal use and fax only one or two pages every time, it’s almost free to you and it’s a very lightweight option to consider.

There is one catch you also need to consider. FaxZero will put their branding as a cover image as the first page in the fax if you choose this free tier service. I understand this helps FaxZero to get the word spread around, however it looks not professional if you fax for business purpose. It may also create confusion when people receive your fax at the first glance.

  • It charges if you send more than 5 faxes or more than 3 pages for each fax: $1.99 per fax and it allows 25 pages each fax.

The paid service sounds like still reasonable and cheap. For just 2 dollars you can send a fax with 25 pages, and it’s also “pay-as-you-go” service. However, this is the place I don’t like about FaxZero. It’s actually quite expensive if you need to send more faxes. I put some examples below to compare FaxZero with other fax services.

Volume (faxes)




















As you can see, it costs the same to send only 9 faxes for FaxZero and MetroFax, and it’s more expensive than HelloFax. Both MetroFax and HelloFax provides monthly subscription and you can send up to 300 faxes for only $7.95 and $9.99 respectively. And it’s insane to use FaxZero if you want to send more than 50 faxes – it’s much much more expensive than other services!! 

Think about that, if you want to send fax regularly for business purpose, for example, 2000 faxes, it will cost $3970 – that’s crazy and it’s more than 100 times compared to MetroFax.

Okay, the good thing about paid service is that it will provide an option for you to skip the FaxZero branding cover image. It looks better and less confused. Another small benefit is to get the fax send out more quickly. FaxZero will put your paid fax in a priority queue.

My personal take:

For people want to send more faxes or regular faxes. I would say FaxZero is very expensive and not easy to use (I will cover this part in the section “What are the bad things about FaxZero”).

Rates for international fax:

The cost varies for international fax (countries outside the United States and Canada), depends on which country you want to send to. It’s all paid and the rate range from $1.99 to $8.99. Here I listed some countries and the rate:

  • United Kingdom: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Mexico: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Australia: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Austria: $5.42 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Belgium: $5.42 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Denmark: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Finland: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • France: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Germany: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Hong Kong: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Ireland: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Japan: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Luxembourg: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Netherlands: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • New Zealand: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Norway: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Singapore: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Spain: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Sweden: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Switzerland: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Italy: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Portugal: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Brazil: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • China: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • India: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • South Korea: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Vietnam: $2.92 per fax, max 15 pages
  • South Africa: $1.99 per fax, max 15 pages
  • Swaziland: $8.99 per fax, max 15 pages

What are the good things about FaxZero?

1. Sending fax to the United States and Canada 

This is the major feature of FaxZero: you can send a fax to numbers in the United States and Canada. There is also free tier to use. 

2. Sending fax to international countries 

FaxZero supports international fax. There are in total 155 countries and areas. You can check out more here

3. Refund policy: money back for failed fax transmission 

FaxZero provides a refund policy for failed fax (entire refund for U.S. / Canada numbers and 90% for international numbers). You will have no (or less) risk losing money with the premium service if you encounter a wrong fax number, a disconnected machine, or a busy line. 


Refund Policy

4. Accept many kinds of files as attachment in the fax 

While you have the option of writing or pasting into a text box, you can also attach up to three separate files in the following formats: DOC/.DOCX (Word),.TXT, RTF, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML, PPT (PowerPoint), TIFF, and XLS/XLSX (Excel Spreadsheets). 

5. Status page

Once you send your fax and confirm in your email, you’ll receive a link to check on the progress of your fax. This keeps you updated and serves as a receipt of a successful (or not) transmission. You’ll also receive an email with that tells you if the fax went through, but that e-mail is often lost in spam filters. 

6. Five times retry with confirmation

FaxZero’s automated process repeats the attempt to send a fax 5 times before it gives up. You’ll receive an email notification to let you know that the fax went through successfully or that it failed after 5 attempts.

7. Fax your congressman, senators, and governors

FaxZero has a unique feature to help you easily fax to your congressman, senators, and governors. 

FaxZero prepared a list and find fax numbers for all these officials. It makes very easy to contact your congressman, senators, and governors. Kevin also keep the list updated and accurate with the latest official members.

Here are some quotes from Kevin’s interview and news on this special feature: 

      “It is an excellent way for residents to make their thoughts and feelings known on a policy matter, social justice issue, or anything else in which U.S. leaders can play a role,” Savetz said. “Since FaxZero’s fax-your-representative service is free and online, there are few barriers to participating in the political process.” 

It’s a popular feature and you can find more from these news reports: DailyKos, FiveThirtyEight, and Wired


Send fax to congressman

8. Stable and trustful

FaxZero is trustful and it’s one of the good things. It was launched in 2006. And according to FaxZero, it has handled 16,216,052 faxes since then.


Faxes sent

What are the bad things about FaxZero?

1. Cannot receive a fax

FaxZero is a fax-sending service only and you cannot receive faxes using it. This may create some problems if your receivers don’t know about it. They may fax you back but actually, you cannot receive it if you don’t have a fax number. Or, don’t abandon your fax machine yet if you are going to use FaxZero.

2. It's expensive when sending a lot of faxes

As we talked before in the pricing part. It’s insanely expensive when you send a lot of faxes using FaxZero. It’s not zero at all.

3. FaxZero’s cover page in every free fax

You are forced to include FaxZero’s cover image as the first page when you use the free service. The downside is the cover page includes FaxZero’s logo and it makes you look unprofessional.

More importantly, it creates confusion as people see this cover page first. It may even get your important document (e.g. a signed contract) lost as people may not pay attention to this unknown “FaxZero” fax documents.


Cover page for free service

4. Complicated two-step verification process

You cannot just send a fax from FaxZero web page. It has a two steps verification process: go to your email box to click the link and send out the fax.

Why do I need to check my email to send a fax? It adds one step and hassle for me.

It’s a bit complicated as FaxZero doesn’t provide an account for you and you need to do this every time.

5. The confirmation email may easily go to spam folder

You need to check your email box to get the confirmation link. However many of email servers route FaxZero emails to spam. You may easily miss the email and stuck there.

If you’re waiting for the confirmation link or for the receipt of delivery, you may have to keep refreshing your spam folder.

6. No support for mobile app

In my opinion, this is a big missing part. FaxZero is invented in desktop era and it still stays at desktop era like 10 years ago.

Without the support of mobile app, it’s not convenient to scan a document and fax out. I know you can use the browser on your mobile phone. But the experience is much worse and there are a lot of hassles on smartphones or tablet.

7. Space limit on files

Your fax must be under 20 MB (19.7 MB if you include a cover sheet or are using the free service). This means some high-resolution PDFs and images may be too large to send.

8. Slow speed

I experienced a delay of at least 17 minutes for my fax. It might be an issue if you are urgent.

9. Annoy ads on the website

I believe you also visited websites with annoy flashing ads. Unfortunately, there are also some on FaxZero.

Personally, I hate the flash ads on FaxZero’s website. It looks cheap and unprofessional. And I don’t understand the ads. It always shows FaxZero’s competitor like Myfax. 

Ads on the page

10. No advanced features and security support 

There are no advanced features for business users. For example, how can I do batch sending of 100 faxes? It’s too tedious to do it one by one using FaxZero.

Also, many organizations have concerns about security and that’s the reason they still want to fax instead of email. They will have a higher level of security requirements which FaxZero doesn’t meet. 

For example, hospital and health industry have HIPAA compliance requirements for their fax documents

11. Support level is low

FaxZero doesn’t have phone call support and only provide email support, which will not be enough for business users.

Reasons behind my ratings

Effectiveness: 4/5 

If you don’t want to own a fax machine, just hate the hassle of deciphering buttons. FaxZero can help and get the job done well. It’s quite easy and intuitive to send a fax using FaxZero.

There are two parts I feel FaxZero is missing. That’s the reason I gave 3 out of 5 stars for fax effectiveness.

First, you cannot receive fax by using FaxZero. You can only send a fax but what if your receiver wants to fax you back? Do you still need to own a fax machine? It seems you need to do so. It doesn’t eliminate the need for a fax machine and the benefits are not big enough.

Second, it lacks mobile app support. Imagine you signed a document and you want to fax out to your client. You probably need to scan it and upload to your computer, and then fax out using FaxZero. In this case, why bother to use online fax service? Let’s still use the fax machine and it takes only one minute to scan the paper using the machine. It would be more helpful and more effective if we have a mobile app support.

Pricing: 2.5/5

FaxZero provides free tier for low volume fax users (5 faxes and 3 pages maximum for each fax). However, I don’t like their paid pricing after 5 faxes. It’s too expensive ($1.99 per fax).

Ease of use: 5/5

As we discussed in the good and bad things about FaxZero. For casual, occasional fax users, it’s easy to use and the process is simple. However, if you are regular users, it’s a pain to fax one by one and confirm in your email box to send them out.

Support: 1/5 

FaxZero’s support (I guess it’s Kevin himself) can be reached by email and post-mail. But if you have urgent issues, I suggest you to email and also reach out to Kevin on his website and Twitter account (not official contact though…). 

Emails – support@faxzero.com. They suggest you read the FAQ first before you contact them. One of the common support questions is to find the confirmation email, as people likely to receive it in the spam folder. Check out your spam for FaxZero emails. 

Post mails – PO Box 19483, Portland OR, 97280-0483. I’m not sure how fast this can be, I would suggest you try emails and twitter first.

My personal take:

Unfortunately, FaxZero doesn’t provide phone call. If you seriously rely on the fax or have important usage, this might be a factor to be reluctant.

It’s okay to have a lightweight option to contact support via emails if it’s occasional usage.

How do other people think of FaxZero?

My goal in writing this review articles is to inform and help. My standard is to be fair, unbiased, transparent and authentic.

I spend time testing the service and do deep research so you don’t have to. I’d also like to share some of other people’s thinking:

  • FaxZero collected their users’ feedback and some news report about itself.
  • Tom’s guide compared FaxZero and other 9 fax services.
  • There are around ten users’ review and comments about FaxZero.

Who are suitable users for FaxZero? 

My personal take:

FaxZero is a good self-serve web-based fax service. It’s suitable for low volume fax users, who fax occasionally and for personal usage. It’s almost free for them and the interface is simple and easy to use. People can learn it quickly and help themselves based on the FAQ and email support.

FaxZero is not a great fit for business and serious/regular fax users. It lacks advanced features such as receiving a fax, batch sending and mobile app. The cost is expensive if you have a large volume. You probably cannot get immediate phone call support if you have urgent issues.

FaxZero alternatives

For people not suitable for FaxZero, I recommend other fax services such as MetroFax and HelloFax


In my opinion, every fax service is not created equal and they have their target users in mind. FaxZero focus on the market of starters, self-serve users with personal usage purpose. It’s a good choice for these users.

Your feedback

Did you find this article helpful? How do you like FaxZero? Do you have any other good alternatives to the app? I’d like to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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